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Our check-ups are anything but typical.

At most dental offices, a routine check-up is just that: routine. These visits operate much like an assembly line. X-ray? Check. Tooth count? Check. Look for cavities? Check. When you’re almost done, the dentist will come in for a little quality assurance, sign-off on you, then send you out the door.

There’s an inherent problem with this type of care. No two patients are the same.

At Dentistry on Vine, we believe that dental care is personal. Your mouth isn’t the same as everyone else’s, and your check-ups shouldn’t be the same as everyone else, either. Assembly-style check-ups often miss opportunities for care and prevention because they don’t take into account you, your specific health conditions or your individual lifestyle.

When you visit our office, we take time to know you personally and develop a care plan that reflects your unique needs. At your check-up, we make sure that your care plan is working for you and address any problems that might come up (cavities, gum disease, or embarrassing things like bad breath). Then, we work to prevent future problems while maintaining the overall health of your mouth.

If you’re looking for a dentist who understands that individuals deserve personalized care, call (715) 386-2515 to get schedule your next check-up at Dentistry on Vine.

 We look forward to seeing you. 

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