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White fillings. (You’ll be the only one who knows you had a cavity.)

Traditionally, you’ve been able to tell if someone you know had a cavity: you could see the filling. Amalgam or silver fillings were an easy way to do the job, but aesthetically, they just weren’t up to par. Additionally, because amalgam fillings don’t adhere to the tooth surface, these fillings usually left the tooth weaker structurally.

At Dentistry on Vine, we offer white (composite) fillings, as they offer significant benefits over amalgam:

  • They bond to your teeth, actually becoming part of the tooth surface so they don’t weaken the structure as other materials do.
  • They don’t require as much of the tooth to be removed in order to place the filling.
  • Your teeth look natural.
  • Mercury-free

If you’re looking for a discrete, natural-looking filling, composite is your answer. We’re happy to answer your questions and find out if composite fillings are right for you.

 For more information about white fillings, contact us at (715) 386-2515.  

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