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Smile with confidence.

Crooked teeth, gaps, chips, or just normal wear and discoloration can leave you less than happy with your smile. Unfortunately, these imperfections leave you feeling a bit embarrassed about your teeth: perhaps you find yourself covering your mouth with your hand, or smiling close-lipped.

With veneers, you can smile with confidence.

In as little as two visits, veneers can transform your smile. A veneer is an egg-shell thick piece of porcelain that’s put over your existing tooth to change the shape and look of your teeth. Veneers have the same shape and texture of your own teeth, so they look natural and are comfortable. Because veneers are customized and fabricated to fit your teeth perfectly, they enhance your smile seamlessly.

At Dentistry on Vine, we’ve helped numerous people transform their smile using veneers. We look forward to bringing you the increased confidence and pride that comes with a smile makeover.

Interested in finding out if veneers are right for you?

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